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Nestlé Launches Wellness App for iOS

Last Wednesday, wifey and I got the chance to attend the launching of Nestle Wellness App for iOS, a mobile software application for iPhone and iPad.

The exclusive event for bloggers coupled with a live cooking demo, was held at the Julius Maggi Kitchen, Nestle Center in Makati City. Aside from the very accommodating marketing team of Nestle Wellness, funny and lively Chef Tess Sutilo graced the event with her complete-meal, healthy alternative recipes incorporating Nestle products like Nestle Cereals ‘Fitnesse’, Nestle Yogurt, Nestle 0%- No Sugar-Ice Cream, and Maggi Magic Sarap.

It was an awesome experience for me since it’s my first time to be part of the audience in that kind of event setup. Can’t help myself but to take pictures all through out that evening. Thank you so much to the generous people of Nestle Wellness who is behind this wonderful event.

Here’s their press release:

Nestlé launches Wellness app for iOS

Nestlé Philippines has launched its Wellness app, a mobile initiative designed to help users of Apple devices to readily access Nutrition, Health and Wellness information that can be applied to daily life.

The Nestlé Wellness app is part of Nestlé Philippines’ continuing advocacy to promote good nutrition, health and wellness in order to help address the growing global and local incidence of lifestyle-related illnesses.

Available for free to consumers, the Nestlé Wellness app can be downloaded by simply visiting the App Store on an Apple device and searching for “Nestlé Wellness.”

The app features a body mass index (BMI) calculator, which determines whether one‘s weight is ideal for his height. With the Nutrition Assessment tool, users can also check their nutritional risk. The app can be personalized and offers hundreds of wellness tips that can be accessed in an interactive manner.

Nestlé Philippines Corporate Wellness Head Leslie Go-Alcantara said that with the Wellness app, Nestlé Philippines is among the first food and fast-moving consumer goods companies in the country to introduce the Quick Response (QR) Code as a new service to consumers, making it possible to obtain a range of nutrition information that, among other functions, gives them a better understanding of the benefits of Nestlé brands and their relevance to dietary and food intake needs.

“Perhaps no other food company worldwide invests more in scientific R and D than Nestlé, and we think it’s important, as an added value for our consumers, to share information with them about our products and how they can help serve their nutritional requirements,” Ms. Go-Alcantara said. “The Nestlé Wellness app is one of our efforts to reach a consumer segment in a way that is convenient, fun and interesting.”

At present, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, requiring iOS 5.0 or later versions. Android versions of the app will be available soon.

“Nestlé, through our WE CHOOSE WELLNESS advocacy which started in 2005, is committed to seeking effective ways to help consumers enhance their state of wellness by providing useful information and encouraging good nutrition and fitness habits. Reaching Apple users is our first step in mobile technology which we shall continue to explore for future applications. The Philippines already has more than 70 million cell phone owners, and the use of mobile device can only continue to grow,” Ms. Alcantara said.

The uses and benefits of the Nestlé Wellness app were demonstrated to shoppers in supermarkets and retail stores as part of its introduction in the market.


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