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My Intercare and Rocktape Experience

Forget about your traditional ‘manghihilot’ or massage spas, have you tried the effective, scientifically-proven, complementary alternative medicine offered by the professionals?

Intercare is known in the Philippines and even in Australia where physical therapy students from universities get their training here. They offer a lot of health services that include stress management/counseling, pilates and rehab medicine to name a few. Chiropractic, myotherapy, acupuncture and ‘hilot’ done by licensed chiropractic doctors, physical therapists, and acupuncturists. Professional athletes seek Intercare services to enhance their performance and recover from injuries, fast!

A few days ago, bloggers were introduced to Intercare’s professional services and got some lecture from Dr. Martin G. Camara, Clinic Director, and was part of a Chiropractic expert panel for the World Health Organization (WHO) Consultation on Chiropractic. He explained in detail how parts of our body react to pain and treatment and also discussed to us how their clinic diagnose and treat pain effectively. We even personally tried some of it by going to different areas in their clinic and were professionally attended by physical therapists and Dr. Camara himself. For me, the myotherapy is great. I had also tried the iSMART and Rocktape for my right knee which I injured when I ran at the Corregidor early in December.


Intercare building at Kalayaan corner Makati Avenues in Makati City.


Warm ambiance greets every client at the lobby/reception area.


Rocktaped! Sample applications of the Kinesiology tape.

IMG_5679 IMG_5680 IMG_5681 IMG_5682


Martin Camara, D.C., discusses physical ailments, posture problems, and healthy skeletal alignment.

IMG_5707 IMG_5710 IMG_5716 IMG_5719


Kinesiology and Rocktape, side-by-side. As per demonstration, Rocktape outperforms the former in terms of elasticity, adhesiveness and support.





Integrated Specific Myofascial Active Release Tools or simply ISMART incorporates the use of patented stainless-steel instruments to aid the clinician in the detection and treatment of soft-tissue dysfunction.

IMG_5759 IMG_5767 IMG_5775 IMG_5792 IMG_5795 IMG_5798 IMG_5802 IMG_5806


IMG_5789 IMG_5817

Now that the racing off-season is almost here, many runners, triathletes, sports enthusiasts may find it the perfect time to visit Intercare clinics for a post-season check and recovery.

You may want to like their Facebook page to get updates thru this link:


For more info about Rocktape, click this link:



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