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Run United 1 2014 Bloggers’ Night

Last February 3, 2014, the bloggers’ launch of Run United 1 2014 was very informative as Unilab Active Health (ULAH) and Runrio officials explained their innovative ways of delivering premium race to the country. It was held at 100 Miles Café at The Fort Strip, BGC – the newest venue for race event launches. Bloggers were awed as new singlet designs were presented to us. Lester Castillo, ULAH Sports Event & PR Executive, said that they are not targeting to deliver the best race but aims to integrate itself to the community by utilizing innovations in sports apparel and nutrition that runners can happily and contentedly use. He added that enthusiasts can integrate ULAH’s events to their regular sports calendar. Exceed Yourself – Citius, Altius, Fortius!

After Mr. Castillo’s delivery of his piece, Runrio president and running coach, Rio dela Cruz discussed his company’s new race registration system that will benefit both runners and his team. New payment systems thru prepaid and credit cards are now being utilized to complement the process. Initially, registering runner will need to buy prepaid card from selected stores or use his/her credit card to register for RU1 2014 and other future races of Runrio, then runner will input his/her pertinent details to the web-based system, including contact information. Registering for future events will be easier than before. Just by using your previously registered e-mail address, one need not to enter other details except for desired race category and singlet size, everything is already there and important updates and notifications regarding the race event is assured.

The launch concluded with the usual group picture taking with the organizer and race owner. They distributed some Unilab products and calendar as tokens to the attendees. (Please see related post here.)

Photo credits:

Justin Gomez Photography and LeStSkY Runner Photography


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