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Wear Your Love

Hey dads and kids, Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so why not share with the rest of the world what you think about moms, why they are # 1. My better half is a wonder mom who treats our kids equally special. She ensures that they are given attention, love and some occasional pampering. Aside from birthdays, anniversaries and Christmases, this is also a great time to show our love to them. Visit www.nido-fortified.ph, it’s a site where you can assist your child to register and submit his or her entry to express thoughts about moms.


Trish, my 15 year-old daughter and Adam, 7 years old, while visiting the Nido Fortified’s Wear Your Love microsite.

Watch this cute video by NIDO Fortified entitled “Top 3 Reasons Why Mom Is #1”:


Press release:

WHAT MAKES YOUR MOM #1? NIDO FORTIFIED® invites kids to let moms wear their love on Mother’s Day

The “Wear Your Love” website by NIDO FORTIFIED provides a fun and meaningful way for kids and family members to express their love towards their moms.

The “Wear Your Love” website by NIDO FORTIFIED provides a fun and meaningful way for kids and family members to express their love towards their moms.

It is said that the greatest validation that moms will ever receive will always come from their loved ones, especially from their kids. Whether it involves the grandest gestures of love or the simplest ones, as long as it’s from the people who matter most to them, it will always be special. Last April 8, NIDO FORTIFIED collaborated with dads and kids to be part of a movement orchestrating a unique and very personal surprise to recognize the #1 Moms in their lives through the NIDO FORTIFIED “Wear Your Love” campaign. “At NIDO FORTIFIED, we feel that the best way to make moms feel special is not necessarily going big and full-scale but in the sincerest way. Nothing can make a mom happier than the reassurance from her family that she is loved, and that her role in the family is irreplaceable,” shared Denise Chua, Nestle Philippines Consumer Marketing Manager. “In line with NIDO FORTIFIED’s commitment to honor our moms as #1, we aim to make this year’s tribute to moms even more heartfelt by teaming up with Filipino families through the “Wear Your Love” campaign for mom.” Media guests were among the first to know about NIDO FORTIFIED “Wear Your Love” – a Mother’s Day initiative where kids are invited to publicly show their appreciation for their moms by declaring their heart-warming messages through customized shirts. Through the help of dad and other family members, kids are encouraged to answer the question “What makes your mom #1?” and craft their messages for mom at www.nido-fortified.ph. The first 2,000 statements submitted to the campaign website will be transformed into one-of-a-kind shirts produced by local clothing brand Bench Lifestyle. Capping off this creative tribute to moms, each personalized statement shirt in NIDO FORTIFIED-inspired cans will be delivered to moms as surprise packages on Mother’s Day. Kids can submit their messages for mom beginning April 8 up to April 27 or until supplies last. For more information on the NIDO FORTIFIED “Wear Your Love” Mother’s Day campaign or to submit your messages for mom, please visit www.nido-fortified.ph.


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