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One-of-a-kind Gift for Mother’s Day

More than 3 weeks ago, I was talking with my kids about Mother’s day and how they want to celebrate it. Then on that same day, a representative from Nido texted and gave me an idea of asking them “What makes your mom #1?”.  I asked the same question to my kids, then Adam, my 7 year-old son, coolly replied: “Because she always buy me Lego toys that I love to play!” When my teenage daughter’s turn to talk about her mom, I readily suggested to access www.nido-fortified.ph website and where she can express her thought about her mama as #1 mom. What she had posted there? “She makes Wonder Woman come to life!”  🙂

IMG_8785 nido1

Nido is awesome in providing ways for kids to express their love towards their moms in a warm, personal, and sincere way this Mother’s Day. When you register to the ‘Wear Your Love’ website and assist your kids to put there what they think of moms why they are # 1, Nido will transform the statements into one-of-a-kind shirts and send it directly to each mom as surprise gifts in time for Mother’s Day.

NIDO FORIFIED Wear Your Love personalized shirts will be produced by local clothing brand Bench Lifestyle. 2,000 one-of-a-kind shirts will capture the unique love of Mom this Mother’s Day.



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