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1st OPM Chillout Album – Arcadia

Arcadia: the first full LP chillout album done locally by electronica artist, Silverfilter. It’s purely Pinoy-made chillout music and not some compilation of international chillout tracks. It’s really pushing for Pinoy pride in delivering something on our end for the genre.
From the artist:
“Here’s a write up I have for the album description for my digital store : silverfilter’s 6th Studio LP brings us Arcadia. A 10-track collection of works that awaited release for years and is finally seeing the light of day. Arcadia comes up with a feeling that there are two parts to it: The Chillout half and the Lounge half. Though intertwined in the same umbrella of electronic music, the tracks on Arcadia starts out slow and relaxed as it builds up gradually into something more with a little vibe to it, enough to tap your fingers or sway a bit, while keeping that chilled out feel. The album sounds balanced enough to keep you relaxed and awake at the same time, which makes the album a little journey into the downtempo mind of silverfilter.
There really isn’t a specific theme to it but more on the focus on writing and producing the first Pinoy-made chillout album to push what “OPM” can offer the world 🙂 “
2010 PP1
You can review and check out his music as there is a playable demo (low fidelity) version of his music at https://silverfilter.bandcamp.com/album/arcadia
for a brief summarized sample of his music you can check out



2 responses

  1. Diana Roberson

    Wow nice man. I love all the tracks on Arcadia. Any tips for a newbie just starting out making electronic music like me? I just recently started and I’m using a DAW called Dr. Drum. For all my fellow newbies I found this helpful site, musiclessonreviews.com, that helped me out a lot. I just started using Dr. Drum and it’s been awesome and really easy to learn so far. What program do you run Silverfilter?

    May 21, 2014 at 10:35 am

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