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Nido Fortified Wear Your Love – Mother’s Day Surprise

May 3, 2014 was a wondrous day for me and my kids, for this is the day we’ve been longing to surprise my wife for a very unique Mother’s Day celebration. Nido took a great time to arrange everything for us, from constantly coordinating with me, to picking up my wife from Makati and fetch her to the spa, then separately bringing the rest of my family to a restaurant in Greenhills to dine and welcome moms after their pampering session.

Ah and there’s a bonus too! My son, Adam, and wifey happen to appear in their two-minute internet ad (watch the video below).

Thank you Nido Fortified team for this awesome treat!

Moms receive the invite for the Mother's Day 'diversion' event

Moms receive the invite for the Mother’s Day ‘diversion’ event

Moms enjoy a pampering treat

Moms enjoy a pampering treat.


Moms Surprised

Moms receive flowers from their kids while elder siblings and dads shower them with confetti.

Wear Your Love Statement shirts came with limited edition NIDO FORTIFIED®-inspired cans.

Wear Your Love Statement shirts came with limited edition NIDO FORTIFIED®-inspired cans.

Press Release:

#1MOMS receive heartfelt Mother’s Day Surprise

from their kids

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, families and kids are already planning for heartfelt ways to recognize their #1MOMS. Moms appreciate getting flowers and having fancy dinners but this year, NIDO FORTIFIED went an extra mile to make the celebration of the World’s #1Moms extra special.

Last May 3, dads and kids worked together to orchestrate a relaxing and exciting surprise for their moms. Anchored on NIDO FORTIFIED’s “Wear Your Love” Mother’s Day initiative this year, the special gathering showcased how powerful and moving the collaboration between family members and kids can be to honour moms as #1 in our hearts. “Mother’s Day is a great way to make wives and mothers feel how much they are loved and appreciated by her friends and family,” said Denise Chua, Nestle Philippines Consumer Marketing Manager. “Beyond simply being unexpected, surprising a loved one has a long-lasting impact that leads to tighter emotional bonds with her whole family.”

The NIDO FORTIFIED “Wear Your Love” Mother’s Day initiative successfully encouraged thousands of kids to declare their heart-warming messages through customized shirts. With the help of dads and other family members, kids answered the question “What makes your mom #1?” at www.nido-fortified.ph. “Each shirt represents the love and appreciation of a kid and the family for their mother. And what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to let moms wear their family’s love?” shared Chua. “We are happy to help create new memories by re-affirming bonds between moms and their loved ones through these one-of-a-kind shirts that go even beyond Mother’s Day.”

The first 2,000 statements submitted to the campaign website were transformed into unique shirts produced by local clothing brand Bench Lifestyle. Capping off this creative tribute to moms, each personalized statement shirt will be placed in NIDO FORTIFIED-inspired cans which will be delivered to moms as surprise packages during Mother’s Day week.

Free Wear Your Love shirts may also be availed by purchasing specially marked packs of NIDO FORTIFIED or NIDO 3+ and redeemed at select Bench branches in Metro Manila. For more details visit http://www.facebook.com/nidofortified.ph.


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