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The Pink Run 2014

The Pink Run 2014 will be on October 5 at the Venice Pizza in McKinley Hill, Taguig City and is meant to raise awareness and gather funds for breast cancer research and treatment. This advocacy of the PSGS receives a much-needed boost this year as top athletic performance brand Under Armour joins the cause.

Together with the presentation of the running event to the members of media, Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” women’s campaign has been launched together with pretty campaign ambassadors, Mia Cabalfin, Natasha Alquiros and Gretchen Ho among others. “I Will What I Want” is a movement that pushes forward a new standard of beauty that goes beyond face value – a standard that regards a woman for her strength, tenacity and toughness amid insurmountable odds. Perfect description fit for those who are fighting against breast cancer.

As Under Armour’s campaign and PSGS’ advocacy comes to perfect alignment, UA is out to provide full backing to the running event which is open to both male and female of all ages. Apart from this, UA will donate 10% of all their sales from the Under Armour Power in Pink women’s performance line to the PSGS.


Pink Run Poster

Press Release:

Passion & Power in Pink Campaign

Passion & Power in  Pink was the theme yesterday as we gathered the Women of will of Under Armour and the PSGS Phil Society of General Surgeons in taking the lead to support the advocacy on D’feeting breast Cancer with the annual PINK RUN, coming up this Oct 5 at Mckinley La Piaza.The press con event was hosted by our very own ambassador Mia Cabalfin and PSGS officer Dr. Saifu. Our ambassadors, Elle Ada, Natasha Alquiros and Gretchen Ho, showed their support to the advocacy as they also shared some personal message about being a UA ambassador as well supporting the women’s advocacy of the brand such as the Pink Run campaign.

Jeremy talks about the support we give to the campaign, and brought in some pink run visors for our ambassadors, and we are able to raffle of a pair of shoes, as we showcase power in pink range, such as the limited edition W Speed Form apollo pink/grey shoes with the pink ribbon logo.

Press people we’re happy to be part of the campaign as they got the first hand info from the doctors and our ambassador.All exclusively received a UA dog tag.

We have some ice breaker activity, wherein each media person was given a symbolic tokens, which is a pink measuring tape. They had fun in getting their waistline size, chest and hips, as we gather the info, we shall track it after 21 days, on October 5,2014 on the run itself they shall be again measured, and the top 10 biggest looser will be rewarded on October 5 with UA Gear and other sponsoring brand.

The pink tape measure symbolises “awareness”as we take the initiative to asses our own physical well being to be fit and healthy not only for ourselves but also for our family.

Such as with the pink run campaign with the objective of creating and raising the awareness on breast cancer, as the ultimate goal of the activity.

More and more publications signify their intentions of supporting this generous and heartwarming campaign.Abs-cbn sports as confirmed earlier will be covering the whole event while Health & Fitness Magazine and Front runner express their intensions of becoming the media partners for the event.

PressCon Photos:

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