A blog about a singing photographer, techie handyman of the house and fun runs.

Random Shots at Unicef Heroes for Children Run

I’ve been telling a lot of runners to check this site for pictures of them that might be included for posting. Whenever I’ve been asked: “Saan po makikita yan?” (“Where can I see the photo?”), “This is for Gatorade documentation, but you can visit my site to see if your photos will be posted.”, is my repetitive answer. Apologies to those runners who really wanted to see their pictures but found nothing here. As mentioned in my “About” page, I’m a very busy singing daddy of four children, with sideline jobs to make both ends meet. In as much as I would like to please you, I have too little time left everyday to edit, resize and upload great number of photos to your pleasing. 😦

But wait, luckily, I have free time just for now after a combined 2 weeks of rigid technical training and certification and some subject tutorials for my kid here and busy relocating to our new office there. After baking our food and having dinner, I will upload some photos before I go to bed. Actually, I’m lying on my bed now. Thank you for your understanding. We might see each other again on Run United Philippine Marathon and Gatorade Run. See y’all!


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