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2016 Alaska IronKids in Subic launches year of fun and excitement


Press Release:

The 2016 Alaska IronKids Philippines, the country’s biggest and most exciting triathlon race for  boys and girls, six (6) to fourteen (14) years old, another year-long calendar of fun and excitement with a triathlon in Subic Bay on March 5.

The triathlon commences with swim at the Olympic size, 50-meter WOW Pool behind Remy Field, and continues with the bike ride and run along the safe roads of the former US Naval base in Subic which have been closed to vehicular traffic by competent race organizers.

The Alaska IronKids Triathlon in Subic will have three categories: (1) Race Category with four age groups ; (2)Play Category with short and long distances intended to promote outdoor play for non-competitive participants; and the (3) Relay Category with two mixed age groups.

More than just a race, it is a venue for families to bond in a shared activity, giving the parents a chance to show their children that being physically fit and healthy is more fun. It also fosters the importance of starting the day right with a combination of exercise and proper nutrition.

Alaska IronKids promotes “outdoor play” through our ALASKA NUTRITION. ACTION. CHAMPION . Program. We remain committed to provide proper nutrition and instill an active lifestyle in order to shape and prepare Filipino children to be winners in life. Our program is also a response to the growing obesity rates in the Philippines, especially in the more urbanized areas.

The Alaska IronKids is another program of Alaska Milk in response to the latest national study conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) of the prevalence of obesity and malnutrition. Two out of 10 children are overweight while three out of 10 are undernourished. Alaska Milk performs its share in nation-building by organizing and promoting such events.

The Alaska IronKids does not only bring excitement and fun, it also instills the values of determination, discipline, hard work and teamwork among the children, as they aspire to realize dreams to become athletes.

Alaska IronKids will hold an Aquathlon at the Village Sports Club in Paranaque on May 1, Sunday; a second Aquathlon at Subic Bay with a swim at the WOW Pool behind Remy Field on June 4, Saturday; and finally, the biggest triathlon event in the country for young boys and girls at the Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa on Aug. 6, Saturday.

For general information about the Alaska IronKids please visit http://ironkidsphil.com/ and http://www.alaskamilk.com.   For live updates log on to http://www.playph.com follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @AlaskaPlayPh

Alaska IronKids uphold the meaning of a true champion


Cebu, Philippines- August 1 was a memorable day for our Alaska IronKids as they participate in the Alaska IronKids support Gatas for Breakfast, a practice run for a good cause. It was an enriching experience for the IronKids participants as they not only practiced running with the Ironman Pros like Pete Jacobs, Caroline Steffen, Belinda Granger, and Alaska Tri-Aspire Team Coach Mat O’Halloran, Banjo Norte and Jenny Guerrero, they also shared a nutritious breakfast with milk to  over 1,500 young students of Mactan Elementary School. This effort to foster a healthy consciousness among individuals and families—through the combination of exercise and proper nutrition—is Alaska’s way in helping fight against the increasing number of overweight and undernourished children in the country. Having a healthy and active lifestyle does not only involve physical activity but also proper nutrition, living up to Alaska’s key meesage, Nutrition.Action.Champion.

For more information, check out the Alaska IronKids website, www.ironkidsphil.com . For live Twitter updates, follow @ALASKAsportshub or search the ff. hashtag: #Alaskaironkids #GatasforBreakfast #MilkSelfie.

Chang siblings spread positivity at Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon


Austin Chang and sister, Athena Chang hold hands as they cheerfully raced with more than 132 kids at the Alaska IronKids Aquathlon event last May 25, at the Club Manila East, Taytay Rizal. The Alaska IronKids sports program has become a platform for the Chang siblings to bond by racing together and supporting each other whether they win or lose. It helps instill the values of Determination, Hard Work, Teamwork, Discipline, and Sportsmanship in children and this is what real champions are made of. Join the Alaska IronKids program now and become a real-life champion! Just log on to www.ironkidsphil.com or at www.alaskamilk.com for more details.

Here are some of the photos I took during the said event:

From Couchwarmers to Champions

Alaska IronKids Philippines Triathlon encourages more and more Filipino children into adopting an active and healthy lifestyle.

These days, the only exercise children seem to be doing is surfing, the digital kind that is. Instead of playing outside with their friends, today’s children stay indoors, glued to the TV or to videogames. It is no wonder then that 2 out of 10 Filipino children, 10 years old and below, are overweight while 3 of 10 children are undernourished as seen in the results of the 7th National Nutrition Survey conducted by the Department of Science and Technology-Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI).

But the inactive landscape is slowly changing in recent years, thanks to pioneering sports programs like the Alaska IronKids Philippines Triathlon, which has managed to convert a number of kids from couch potatoes to young triathletes who have the passion for the sport. A triathlon is a race that is comprised of three sporting events: swimming, running and biking. It is open to children 6 to 14 years old.

Alaska IronKids Philippines is the country’s very first triathlon event for the youth. Since holding its first race in 2012, the local triathlon series has grown in leaps and bounds, grooming young triathletes that have become the pride of the Philippines in international competitions. Being the local junior version of the international triathlon series, Ironman, Alaska IronKids Philippines Triathlon has  produced champions, on and out of the podiums— children who are not only committed to winning but also ones who understand that losing is also winning, having learned the values of determination, hard work, teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship from their experiences in the race.

A vital component of the Alaska Milk Corporation sports program and presented by Alaska Chocolate Powdered Milk Drink, Alaska IronKids Philippines Triathlon aims to promote among children the importance of good nutrition and active lifestyle in a fun and exciting way that will get them “to go out and play” on their own, no coercion required. It hopes to get them on the path toward an active and healthy lifestyle that does not only involve physical activity but also proper nutrition as well, living up to Alaska’s  key message, “Nutrition. Action. Champion.”

This Sunday (April 13, 2014), Alaska IronKids Philippines will be holding its first triathlon of the year at La Stanza in Marikina. This is the second in the Alaska IronKids Philippines series of races for 2014, which kicked-off with an aquathlon race last February at BF Homes, Parañaque. This year, Alaska IronKids Philippines will be starting a non-competitive, no-age category, dividing each race into three parts: Race; Play, which is non-competitive and has no age categories; and Relay, which is composed of two mix age groups.  The Play category was added to encourage more children to try out the sport and just join the races for the fun of it, without the burden of competition and the pressure of winning.

There will be another aquathlon race in May at Club Manila East and a triathlon in August in Cebu. In October, Alaska Milk will be holding the Alaska IronKids Philippines Family Triathlon, the very first family-oriented triathlon event in the country. It aims to encourage families to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle as well as serve as an avenue for parents and kids to bond and build lasting relationship.

Photos taken last April 13, 2014 at La Stanza, Marikina City


For more information, check out the Alaska IronKids website, www.ironkidsphil.com and www.alaskamilk.com.ph.

Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon 2014

The Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon 2014 introduced the ‘Race and Play’ concept where newbie children participants are not that pressured to partake competitively into the sports. As a result, more and more children are getting interested to join Ironkids events, no more hesitation.

Last February 9, 2014, at The Village Sports Club in Parañaque City, runner- bloggers were fortunate to witness these very young athletes compete with one another as well as enjoying the sports as if they were only playing. Alaska Ironkids is consistent in promoting a well-balanced lifestyle for kids of today, who are used to staying indoors with TV and the Internet as companions. Ironkids is successful in demonstrating in “real-time” that being HEALTHY can also be fun and we can attest to this.

Alaska Ironkids Triathlon at the Palms Country Club



Close to 200 kids from ages 6 to 14 participated at the Alaska Ironkids Triathlon last October 20, 2013 at the Palms Country Club, Filinvest Alabang. Alaska Ironkids aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for kids today. The Alaska Ironkids is a series of races involving triathlon, aquathlon and running, which aim to promote a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle for children ages 6-14.

For more information, log on to www.ironkidsphil.com or at www.alaskamilk.com and follow us on twitter @AlaskaSportsHub