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Borlain sisters won the top spots in the recently concluded Alaska Ironkids in Subic, Zambales


Samantha, Tara and Chezka Borlain won 1st places in their respective age categories; 13-14, 11-12 and 6-8, respectively, in the 2016 Alaska Ironkids Philippines triathlon event held at Remy Field, Subic Bay. Clocked at 47:52 minutes, Samantha Borlain took the top spot, followed by Everly Janarie Macalalad who finished at 50:01 and Pia Francesca Suarez at 51:57 in the girls division, ages 13 to 14. Kira Ellis, won the 1st place, in the 9 to 10 years old category, clocking at 27:25.

In the boys division, Juan Francisco Baniqued finished at 43:08, ahead of Joe Bernard Sarmiento and Joshua Alexander Ramos, to rule the 13-14 age category, while Zedrick James Borja, Mark Grist and Connor Hodges, topped the 11-12, 9-10 and 6-8, respectively. Each first place winner will be entitled for free round-trip tickets with hotel accommodation and free entry to the Alaska Ironkids Triathlon event in Mactan, Cebu, this coming August.

While the above numbers are important to these kids as they learn to be competitive, parent-spectators are so supportive of their child’s involvement in this sports and cheer for them all the time. While some are serious, coaching and mentoring their kids to improve their time, most are already happy when their child able to cross the finish line.


It’s good to know that Alaska continuously conducts sports events like this for kids and provides venue for family to bond in a healthy, active way. Parents, including myself, are happy as this encourages our children to go out and play instead of just staying at home playing computer games and watching TV and on-line videos.

Coverage Photos:

2016 Alaska IronKids in Subic launches year of fun and excitement


Press Release:

The 2016 Alaska IronKids Philippines, the country’s biggest and most exciting triathlon race for  boys and girls, six (6) to fourteen (14) years old, another year-long calendar of fun and excitement with a triathlon in Subic Bay on March 5.

The triathlon commences with swim at the Olympic size, 50-meter WOW Pool behind Remy Field, and continues with the bike ride and run along the safe roads of the former US Naval base in Subic which have been closed to vehicular traffic by competent race organizers.

The Alaska IronKids Triathlon in Subic will have three categories: (1) Race Category with four age groups ; (2)Play Category with short and long distances intended to promote outdoor play for non-competitive participants; and the (3) Relay Category with two mixed age groups.

More than just a race, it is a venue for families to bond in a shared activity, giving the parents a chance to show their children that being physically fit and healthy is more fun. It also fosters the importance of starting the day right with a combination of exercise and proper nutrition.

Alaska IronKids promotes “outdoor play” through our ALASKA NUTRITION. ACTION. CHAMPION . Program. We remain committed to provide proper nutrition and instill an active lifestyle in order to shape and prepare Filipino children to be winners in life. Our program is also a response to the growing obesity rates in the Philippines, especially in the more urbanized areas.

The Alaska IronKids is another program of Alaska Milk in response to the latest national study conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) of the prevalence of obesity and malnutrition. Two out of 10 children are overweight while three out of 10 are undernourished. Alaska Milk performs its share in nation-building by organizing and promoting such events.

The Alaska IronKids does not only bring excitement and fun, it also instills the values of determination, discipline, hard work and teamwork among the children, as they aspire to realize dreams to become athletes.

Alaska IronKids will hold an Aquathlon at the Village Sports Club in Paranaque on May 1, Sunday; a second Aquathlon at Subic Bay with a swim at the WOW Pool behind Remy Field on June 4, Saturday; and finally, the biggest triathlon event in the country for young boys and girls at the Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa on Aug. 6, Saturday.

For general information about the Alaska IronKids please visit http://ironkidsphil.com/ and http://www.alaskamilk.com.   For live updates log on to http://www.playph.com follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @AlaskaPlayPh

Alaska IronKids uphold the meaning of a true champion


Cebu, Philippines- August 1 was a memorable day for our Alaska IronKids as they participate in the Alaska IronKids support Gatas for Breakfast, a practice run for a good cause. It was an enriching experience for the IronKids participants as they not only practiced running with the Ironman Pros like Pete Jacobs, Caroline Steffen, Belinda Granger, and Alaska Tri-Aspire Team Coach Mat O’Halloran, Banjo Norte and Jenny Guerrero, they also shared a nutritious breakfast with milk to  over 1,500 young students of Mactan Elementary School. This effort to foster a healthy consciousness among individuals and families—through the combination of exercise and proper nutrition—is Alaska’s way in helping fight against the increasing number of overweight and undernourished children in the country. Having a healthy and active lifestyle does not only involve physical activity but also proper nutrition, living up to Alaska’s key meesage, Nutrition.Action.Champion.

For more information, check out the Alaska IronKids website, www.ironkidsphil.com . For live Twitter updates, follow @ALASKAsportshub or search the ff. hashtag: #Alaskaironkids #GatasforBreakfast #MilkSelfie.

Young cyclists ruled the Metro’s roads in Alaska Cycle Philippines 2014

Young cyclists ruled the Metro’s roads in Alaska Cycle Philippines 2014

Categories include Tricycle Ride which is specially designed for young kids between ages 2 and 5, the Junior Challenge which is a more challenging category designed for older children where they have to ride as fast as they can within 30 minutes and then there’s the Foldies Community Ride which is catered to the popular folding bikes cycling community. The Alaska Cycle Philippines was a “Bike Ride Out”, meaning there were no winners just plain fun to promote participation and most especially good health and an active lifestyle.

“We are excited to continue an active year of Alaska Sports with the launch of the three events Alaska Cycle Philippines, Alaska IronKids Philippines Aquathlon and the Alaska World Milk Day Family run. Alaska teamed up with international partners to ensure that Filipino families participate in sports activities as exercise to promote their health and ensure a wholesome lifestyle,” said Wilfred Steven Uytengsu, President/CEO of Alaska Milk Corporation.

The 7th National Nutrition Survey, done by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute and the Department of Health, showed that obesity is increasing with nearly two out 10 children considered as overweight. Under-nutrition is also a public health concern affecting nearly three out 10 children. Alaska promotes nutrition through its leading brands, Alaska Powdered Milk Drink and Alaska Chocolate Powdered Milk Drink and through educating the public about the importance of drinking milk and keeping an active and healthy lifestyle.

Alaska promotes a holistic sports development program for the whole family and encourages a healthy and active lifestyle through biking, swimming and running. It also helps in community development and nation building by nurturing positive values of teamwork, cooperation and fair play through sports activities like the Alaska Cycle Philippines, Alaska IronKids Aquathlon and the World Milk Day Family Run.

For general information on Alaska Cycle Philippines visit http://www.cyclephilippines.com.ph/alaska/ or https://www.faceebook.com/alaskacyclephilippines. For general information about Alaska Milk Corporation visit www.alaskamilk.com, www.alaskaworldmilkday.com or www.ironkidsphil.com. For live tweets and updates follow us at @ALASKAsportshub

Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon 2014

The Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon 2014 introduced the ‘Race and Play’ concept where newbie children participants are not that pressured to partake competitively into the sports. As a result, more and more children are getting interested to join Ironkids events, no more hesitation.

Last February 9, 2014, at The Village Sports Club in Parañaque City, runner- bloggers were fortunate to witness these very young athletes compete with one another as well as enjoying the sports as if they were only playing. Alaska Ironkids is consistent in promoting a well-balanced lifestyle for kids of today, who are used to staying indoors with TV and the Internet as companions. Ironkids is successful in demonstrating in “real-time” that being HEALTHY can also be fun and we can attest to this.

Alaska Ironkids 2013 Race Results, Photos and Video Clip

Here are the race results, some photos and video clip of the recently concluded Alaska Ironkids triathlon held at Shangri-La Mactan, Cebu Philippines last August 3, 2013.




Ironkids Triathlon Awarding


Ironkids Triathlon Photo

Press release:

Inspiring Future Champions

Alaska IronKids Philippines has become a training ground for young Filipino triathletes.

Alaska IronKids Philippines triathlon started out as a Sunday fun run for kids but in just a short time, it quickly developed into a national sporting event that has nurtured and developed young local triathletes. Triathlon is composed of three disciplines: swimming, biking and running. Now on its fourth year, the event has attracted hundreds of young participants, all wanting to conquer the IronKids course, considered to be the junior counterpart of the prestigious triathlon event, IronMan.

According to coach and race director Ani De Leon-Brown, Alaska IronKids Philippines has become, in recent years, a training ground for the country’s aspiring young triathletes. It is part of the Alaska Sports’ Nutrition. Action. Champion. program, along with Alaska Football and Basketball Camps  and the Jr. NBA presented by Alaska. The program hopes to encourage children to play outdoors or get  into sports and learn the values of determination, discipline, hardwork and teamwork.  “When I was in the national team for triathlon, our main problem was the lack of depth in the talent pool. There were only a few young boys and girls, who wanted to take up the sport seriously and take it to the next level. But now, there are a lot of them because of events like these. I am very proud of the program. Through the years, you could really see the growth.”

Arno Baetz is one of those aspiring young talents. At this year’s Alaska IronKids Philippines Triathlon leg in Mactan Shangri-La in Cebu, Baetz dominated the 13 to 14 year-old boys category. Based in Hong Kong, the 13-year-old flies to the country every now and then to join competitions and to train, hoping to one day fulfill his dream of becoming an IronMan. The Filipino-German can’t thank his parents enough for supporting his dream. “In every race, they are there to cheer me on. Their confidence in me motivates me even more to do better.” According to him, getting into triathlon has changed his lifestyle a lot. “I eat healthier. I don’t sleep late. No more videogames for me,” says Baetz.

Judging from the parents, siblings and friends who came to support the participants in the Cebu leg, Alaska IronKids Philippines has become a family affair. Parents could be seen waving handkerchiefs and shouting words of encouragement. And what is great about the Alaska IronKids, there are no losers. All finishers are given medals as long as they complete the course.

Despite the spirit of fun, the race does honor the hard work and commitment to excellence of young triathletes who set aside time for training to develop their skills. Leading the pack at this year’s Alaska IronKids are Arno Baetz and Shaia Ruth Uy, who ruled the 13 to 14 years old category and Bambam Manglicmot and Lauren Plaza, who finished first in the 11-12 years old category.  Others who figured in the top three were Craig Uy and Nathan Nalo, Nicole Eijansantos and Samantha Borlain, who were second and third finishers in the 11 to12 years old boys and girls respectively. Justin Chiongbian and Brent Valelo, on the other hand, were second and third placers in the 13 to 14 years old boys while Alexandra Leather and Margarita Delos Reyes trailed after first placer Shaia Uy in the 13 to 14 years old girls category.

This year, more than 200 kids signed up for the Cebu leg. While the participants of the 13 to 14 years old and 11-12 years old categories were able to race, the races for the two other age categories: 9 to 10 years old and 7 to 8 years old were canceled due to bad weather. For the Alaska IronKids organizers, safety of the participants comes first.

Caroline Borlain, mother of Tara, this year’s defending champion in the 9 to 10 years old girls category, agreed with the decision. “We wanted Tara to race because she prepared for this and trained hard but Tara herself said to us, ‘It’s God’s will.’ And she’s right. The money we spent for the trip is nothing compared to the anxiety it will cost us if we let her race in that kind of weather. The safety of the children should be top priority.”

All is not lost, according to Borlain, because there is still another triathlon event coming up in October. Her daughters Tara and Samantha are already looking forward to the race.

The triathlon is slated on October 20 and will be held at the Palms Country Club, Alabang.  Children or parents who want to know more about the clinics or register for the triathlon race should check out the Alaska IronKids Philippines website at www.ironkidsphil.com . For more information, visit www.alaskamilk.com.ph and @ALASKAsportshub on twitter.