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New Winner of RU 1 Prepaid Card for 21KM Race

Hey guys, I just picked a new winner thru Randomizer.org for the unclaimed 21K prepaid card with small singlet. Sorry to the previous ‘winner’ who was not able to claim it within the announced cut-off date. I have to stick with the previously posted announcements.

And the new winner is:


* Janine Karl De Guzman Gutierrez *

I will send you an e-mail within the day on how to claim your prize. Congratulations!



Final Call, Run United 1 2014 Raffle Draw Winner of 21KM Race Slot

Draw #4 Run United 1 2014 Prepaid Card for 21Km Race, w/ small (S) size singlet winner Gerrex Valbarez, this is your last chance to claim your prize.

E-mail me at singingdadotr@gmail.com to claim your prepaid card code/number.

Congratulations to the rest of the winners who already claimed their guaranteed slots to race at Unilab’s Run United 1 2014!

Announcement about winning entries for RU 1 2014 Prepaid Card Raffle Promo

Be advised that you will have until 12:00 noon of Friday next week, February 28, 2014, to claim your RU1 2014 Prepaid Card prize. I will be raffling off again the unclaimed prize/s to the remaining non-winning entries that complied with the aforementioned mechanics and deadline. Please understand that a very significant number of runners are hoping to win in this raffle and wish to join the Run United 1 2014 event. Currently, I still have with me three unclaimed prepaid cards, 5K medium, 21K small and 21K medium.

Thank you!

RU1 2014 Raffle Draw Results!

Thanks for waiting, but I also apologize for the delay. Collating and sorting your responses is no joke and very tedious, haha! Sorry for those who didn’t get the mechanics right. Better luck next time. Double and multiple entries were deleted to give equal chances to other runners and RU patrons. Too bad also, I was off-line the whole day due to some network testing done in the office by our tech personnel. So now that I am online again, here are the much-awaited results. Electronic draws were conducted thru Research Randomizer (randomizer.org).


Draw #1     Run United 1 2014 Prepaid Card for 5Km Race, w/ medium (M) size singlet

Winner:     #9   Toots Espiloy


Draw #2     Run United 1 2014 Prepaid Card for 10Km Race, w/large (L) size singlet

Winner:     #10   Harold Esteban


Draw #3     Run United 1 2014 Prepaid Card for 21Km Race, w/ extra small (XS) size singlet

Winner:     #18   Angeline Camille Real


Draw #4     Run United 1 2014 Prepaid Card for 21Km Race, w/ small (S) size singlet

Winner:     #115   Gerrex Valbarez


Draw #5     Run United 1 2014 Prepaid Card for 21Km Race, w/ medium (M) singlet

Winner:     #45   Mike Kenneth Ajon

Congratulations to all the winners!

I will send you guys e-mail on how to claim your prize.

Thank you for participating. RUN and Exceed Yourself!

RU1 Prepaid Cards Raffle Promo results might be delayed…

Thank you to all the visitors who joined the raffle promo. 🙂 Responses are overwhelming, 684 in all! Entries that were posted beyond 7PM of February 16, 2014 are not included. I’ll try to finish the sorting/electronic drawing of entries and release the results tonight, otherwise, tomorrow. 😛

Important RU1 Announcement

Dear runners,

We understand that there is a demand for us to add more slots for the 21km category. We apologize that we cannot accommodate this request. We have reached the maximum number of 21km runners, and adding more slots would compromise the quality of the execution of the race. In order to guarantee the safety and enjoyment of all runners, we need to set a limit to the number of slots.
For the meantime, registration is ongoing for the 500m dash, 5km, and 10km categories.
We hope you understand. Thank you for your continued patronage of the Runrio Run United Trilogy.

Message from RUNRIO, INC.


Run United 1 Prepaid Cards Giveaway!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog!

I am giving away 5 RUN UNITED 1 2014 Prepaid Cards:

  • 3 for 21k (with singlet and shirt size of XS, S, M)
  • 1 for 10k (with singlet size of L)
  • 1 for 5k (with singlet size of M)
The Run United 1 - Runrio Trilogy 2014 Prepaid Cards up for grabs.

The Run United 1 – Runrio Trilogy 2014 Prepaid Cards to be raffled off.

Here are the mechanics:

1. Post as a comment to this blog post the following:

  • your full name
  • your email address
  • your preferred race category (21k, 10k or 5k)
  • your size (for 21k only XS, S or M; for 10k L only; for 5k M only)

2. One person per entry only. Duplicate entries will be removed.

3. For an entry to be valid, all needed information should be provided and that available race category and singlet (and shirt for 21k) size for that category is indicated.

4. All entries can be posted from today until 7PM of February 16, 2014

5. All valid entries will be raffled-off using an online raffle utility. Raffle draws will be done by batch:

  • Raffle #1 for all 21k-EXTRA SMALL size entries
  • Raffle #2 for all 21k-SMALL size entries
  • Raffle #3 for all 21k-MEDIUM size entries
  • Raffle #4 for all 10k-LARGE size entries
  • Raffle #5 for all 5k-MEDIUM size entries

6. Each raffle will have one (1) winner.

7. Once prepaid card is awarded, the size indicated in the card will be the final reference for the singlet (and for 21k, for the shirt) to be released to the participant. There will be no size changes that will be allowed.

8. Each RU1 prepaid card has a guaranteed slot for the race category indicated in the slot provided that registration is made before the card’s expiry date which is March 9, 2014.

9. The winner will be announced on February 17, 2014.

Good luck! 🙂